The interdisciplinary collaboration between different scientific fields and methodologies is central to our approach. The creative cross-pollination between biology, physics, chemistry, and computer science in our program can break down walls and yield fascinating results. One formal structure that exemplifies this are our so-called "ELBE PhD Projects."

Current ELBE PhD Projects

The Center for Systems Biology Dresden supports collaborative and interdisciplinary PhD thesis projects that fit the CSBD mission: “Where computer science and physics meet biology." IMPRS-CellDevoSys PhD students may be selected for these especially creative, ground-breaking projects. A hallmark of these projects is the cross-pollination of two involved group leaders from different disciplines such as biology, physics, computer science, or chemistry, and the merging of  experimental and theoretical/computational approaches. Funded projects are competitively awarded and judged to have the potential to contribute to both involved disciplines.

Predoc Project Mentors
Abhijeet Krishna Modeling developmental morphomechanics with interacting point defects Carl Modes
Suzanne Eaton
David Gonzales Noise and robustness in artificial cell communities Dora Tang
Christoph Zechner
Chen-Ho Wang Role and mechanisms of coupling cell adhesion to membrane scaffolds for epithelial polarization Alf Honigmann
Ivo Sbalzarini
Romina Piscitello Gómez Large-force genetically encoded viral inclusion forming magneti nanoparticles Suzanne Eaton
Stephan Grill
Stephan Golfier Building an artificial, transcriptionally active nucleus to study the coupling between mechanics and gene expression Jan Brugues
Jochen Guck
Frederic Berndt Size and orientation of mitotic spindles across developing zebrafish Jan Brugues
Jan Huisken
Aksana Kirsanava Why can some ultraconserved elements be deleted without consequences? Frank Buchholz
Michael Hiller
Bjoern Langer Discriminative motif finding to reconstruct regulatory networks Michael Hiller
Jochen Rink
Alexander Mietke Mechano-chemical models of morphogenesis on the meso-scale Frank Jülicher
Ivo Sbalzarini
Iskra Yanakieva Cytoskeletal forces driving interkinetic nuclear migration in pseudostratified neuroepithelia Caren Norden
Guillaume Salbreux


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