PhD Students

Are you interested in doing your PhD with us?
We welcome your application anytime!

IMPRS Research Groups are excited about enthusiastic and courageous junior scientists who wish to join them for doctoral research. 20-25 new PhD students are annually accepted into our program. If you want to be one of them, apply now!

    How to apply:
  1. Acquaint yourself with our research
  2. Make sure that you qualify and are passionate about doing research with us
  3. Ask 2 referees to support your application
  4. Complete the application form
  5. Submit once your referees have contributed their recommendation
    -- What happens next ? --

  1. Expect a first assessment of your application around 8-12 weeks after submitting.
  2. If you pass this first step, we'll invite you to an Admission Committee interview, conducted with several group leaders and the IMPRS Head. This is to evaluate general eligibility based on your scientific skills.
  3. Passing the Admission Committee interview means you are eligible to become one of our Predoctoral Researchers.
  4. Next, we make a match! You'll have 1:1 interviews with group leaders to try and find an optimal project in accordance with your skillset. These interviews are about finding you a new scientific home. The Head of the IMPRS is here to help with this process. Unfortunately, if no match is made, or upcoming in 6 months, we can't retain your application.
  5. Start time is flexible, based on the project, your wishes, and those of your hosting group.


Applications are welcome at any time

*Pilot phase. Please follow our Partner Program, the DIGS-BB for additional opportunities.