Biopolis Dresden

Biopolis Dresden is a term coined in Nature in 2001, noting the rapid development of Dresden into a life-science powerhouse. Today, Biopolis Dresden refers to the rich consortium of state-of-the-art research institutions located in Saxony's capital city. This powerful cluster of top-notch institutions ranks Dresden among the best places in the world for research in the life sciences, with strong branches in biological physics, computational biology, and systems biology.

The MPI-CBG and the CSBD (and therefore most of the IMPRS PhD students) are located close to the Medical School. The Center for Regenerative Therapies, Biotechnology Center, and B-CUBE, where most of the DIGS-BB faculty members are housed, are just a stone's throw away. The MPI-PKS is close to the TU-Dresden main campus. Our institutional network of partners can be seen in the map below.

Dresden Concept

Even beyond our concentration of life science research centers, the local network of organizations is exemplary. Many efforts cross institutional borders in the innovative and unique research alliance called the DRESDEN-concept. This initiative was begun by the Technische Universität Dresden together with the four major research organizations – Max Planck, Helmholtz, Fraunhofer, and Leibniz – and the research-active museums. The alliance aims to develop and implement synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration. Partners coordinate strategies to support Dresden’s existing strong suits and identify new emerging scientific areas. The DRESDEN-concept alliance also works jointly to attract and recruit top talent to come to the area. A full list of partners can be viewed here.

Dresden Science Calendar

Beyond our institutional walls, there are many other interesting scientific talks and events regularly occurring in Dresden, which are collected in the Dresden Science Calendar. These events help support interdisciplinary interaction and scientific collaboration in our city by sharing announcements of upcoming scientific talks via a unified internet platform.


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