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As you can see from our outstanding alumni statistics, the IMPRS-CellDevoSys is a fantastic training ground for future leaders in science. Not only do they publish discoveries in important journals and receive honors for their work, but they also continue in interesting career paths. Below you can read a small collection of these stories, both in the news and in the words of our program graduates themselves.

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Getting Published

  • Read more about program graduate Marta Florio, as she journeyed from perplexing scientific puzzle to publication. Her work with in the Huttner research group isolated a gene for brain size - only found in humans.
  • Alum Ludek Stepanek landed a first-author publication in Science magazine, resulting from his work in the Pigino research group. They developed a method to show that the doublets provide directionality to intraflagellar transport. 
  • Alum Matthias Munder and colleagues under supervision of Simon Alberti, wanted to understand how cells switch on and off a dormant "stand-by" mode. Their publication demonstrates how the cytoplasm of seemingly dead cells changes consistency from liquid to solid, thereby protecting sensitive structures in the cellular interior.

Getting Ahead

  • Many of our alumni embark upon rewarding academic careers. Others take different career paths in the private sector. Our Career Day event showcases the spectrum of scientific (and non-scientific) career paths available following graduation.

“The people make the program! Everybody was so warm and forthcoming, with the same spirit: to share and collaborate rather than compete.”

Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan is now a group leader at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India. She was a PhD student in Iva Tolic’s group and graduated in 2014.


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