Internship Offers

A student research internship lasts 2-3 months and concludes with a written report and an oral presentation. The precise dates will be agreed individually with the hosting group. Successful candidates will receive a monthly allowance of 800 Euro to support travel, housing, and living costs. Guidance in arranging travel, housing and Visa will be provided, if required.

Specific project offers will be added on a rolling basis through autumn 2021.

Lab Internship Project Research AreaDurationStudent Background
Alexander von Appen
  • Structural reconstruction of membrane proteins using cryo electron microscopy
Structural Biology12 weeksLife science
Computer science
Jan Brugués
  • Self-organization and compartmentalization of the cytoplasm
Biophysics, Cell Biology, Cytoskeleton12 weeksPhysics
Cell Biology
Pierre Haas
  • Continuum mechanics of cell constriction
  • Spatial dynamics of microbial communities with phenotypic variation
Biophysics, Continuum mechanics, Applied mathematics, Dynamical Systems12 weeksMathematics
Moritz Kreysing
  • Optically controlled fluid robotics
Biophysics, Computer Science12 weeksPhysics
Computer Science
Rita Mateus
  • On Pigmentation and Color: Form Leading to Function at the Subcellular Scale
Cell biology, Membrane dynamics, Organelles12 weeksCell Biology
Developmental Biology
Computer Science
Steffen Rulands
  • Statistical physics of deep learning
  • Sensing in stochastic multi-scale systems

Theoretical Physics, Computer Science, Statistical Physics

12 weeksPhysics
Computer science Mathematics
Ivo Sbalzarini
  • Computer Simulations of Tissue Morphogenesis
  • Machine Learning and Data-driven Modeling in Biology
Computer Science, Applied Mathematics12 weeks

Computer science Mathematics

Agnes Toth-Petroczy
  • Evolutionary origin of protein repeat regions
Bioinformatics, Molecular evolution8-12 weeksLife science
Jesse Veenvliet
  • Identifying cell-intrinsic and extrinsic determinants of embryo architecture using 3D models of embryo development
Developmental Biology, (Stem) Cell Biology, Genomics12 weeksLife science Medicine Engineering



Apply starting 15 Oct 2021

Deadline 31 Jan 2022