Internship Offers

Our student research internships last 2-3 months, during which you'll integrate into your hosting group's research activities. Although we call this the "summer" internship programme, it could happen anytime that suits both the successful candidate and their hosting group. Successful candidates will receive a monthly stipend of 860 Euro to support living costs in Dresden. Additionally, the IMPRS will help arrange for travel, housing and visa concerns.

Lab Internship Project Research AreaDurationStudent Background
Eric Geertsma
  • Design and construction of a shiny synthetic organelle
Protein biochemistry, synthetic biology, iridosome, lipids, membrane transport proteins, crystal formation12 weeksLife science
Claudia Gerri
  • Studying placenta development across species using 3D organoid culture systems
Developmental Biology, Synthetic Biology, Evolution8-12 WeeksLife science
Pierre Haas
  • Emergent continuum mechanics of epithelial monolayers
  • Population dynamics of ecological communities with phenotypic switching in spatially varying environments
Biophysics, Continuum mechanics, Applied mathematics, Dynamical Systems12 weeksMathematics



  •  Microswimmers in porous media
Soft matter, active matter, statistical physics, fluid mechanics8-12 weeksPhysics, mathematics, engineering
Rita Mateus
  • On Pigmentation and Color: Form Leading to Function at the Subcellular Scale
  • Decoding cellular communication towards organ growth
Cell biology, structural colors, vesicular trafficking, membrane dynamics, conentration gradients, morphogens, organelle size and shape12 weeksLife sciences; potentially chemistry, physics or computer science
Carl Modes
  • Shape programability in tissue morphogenesis through geometrical-frustration-induced spontaneous strains
Morphogenesis, shape programability, tissue mechanics, geometrical frustration. 12 WeeksBiophysics
Ivo Sbalzarini
  • Computer Simulations of Tissue Morphogenesis
  • Machine Learning and Data-driven Modeling in Biology
Computer Science, Applied Mathematics12 weeks

Computer science, physics, engineering

Jacqueline Tabler
  • Investigating chromatin architecture during differentiation in the skull
Developmental biology, biophysics, stem cells, differentiation12 weeksLife science, physics, biophysics
Dora Tang
  • Synthetic cell synthesis and characterisation
Synthetic cell synthesis and characterisation 12 weeksChemistry, physics, engineering, life science
Jesse Veenvliet
  • Self-assembly of iPSC-derived lineage progenitors into embryo-like-structures
Developmental Biology, Synthetic biology12 weeksLife science Medicine Engineering



Apply starting 15 Oct 2022

Deadline 31 Jan 2023