Outreach is a key part of our institutional mission, but is vital for our Predocs as well. Our PhD students not only conduct quality research but also actively engage in sharing science with the community at large. By acquainting the public with our work, we build important connections - and a future for science in the world. 

Some of our specific outreach initiatives emerged from the PhD program itself, like Science Goes to School. The Seniorenakademie is a mutually beneficial seminar series, where Predocs and Postdocs present scientific talks to retirees in the community. This inquisitive older audience is excited to continue their lifelong learning, while our PhD students gain experience speaking about science with a different audience group.

Other events are co-organized with our network partners, like the Dresden Science Night (Dresdner Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften) or the Science & Society series of talks.


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